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or did you say trance? or did you say electronica? or did you say the most consistent label on the planet right now? yes, maybe better than ECM and Chrysalis! who, what where? anjunabeats is the on...
Wednesday, 07 July 2004
Early this year, iTunes became the biggest music retailer in the United States. It has sold more than 5 billion songs since it launched in 2003. The meteoric rise now gives iTunes a 70% market share, ...
Saturday, 10 January 2009

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Disney Idol !!


The opening ceremony of the brand new American Idol Experience at Disney World in Orlando, Florida reflects the huge success of Idol, both the TV show and the careers of the winners. All seven former Idol winners were together for the first time in Florida, and David Cook and Carrie Underwood sang a duet as part of the opening celebrations. The 30 million viewers of the show are a fantastic potential audience for the new attraction.


Alexandra Success


Beyonce and AlexandraAlexandra Burke has the record for the fastest-selling download across Europe on its first day of release. Hallelujah sold more than 105,000 which beat the previous fastest download of 82,000 in one day — A Moment Like This by Leona Lewis from 2006. By comparison, Take That sold less than 10,000 downloads of Greatest Day on its first day.


Britney dominates the charts - again

Britney Spears Circus


Circus is Britney"s fifth No. 1 song overall and asserts the importance of Britney Spears in the global music market. Currently she holds three songs in the most important radio Top 40 charts, starting with the breakout hit Womanizer, then Circus and now the rapidly rising third single If You See Amy. Another highlight is this marks the first time Britney has scored back-to-back No. 1 singles on the radio chart.

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